Lebanese Authorities Are Kicking People Out Of Beaches

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If a lockdown is about to start where you live, you’d definitely plan a safe trip to the beach before you have to be stuck at home for two weeks.

That’s exactly what people in Tyre did. However, the fun had to end too soon.


Lebanon is about to begin enforcing very strict lockdown measures to contain the outbreak. Although the lockdown is set to start on July 30th, authorities are already at work enforcing the strict measures.

Security forces in Tyre have been asking people to leave the beaches even prior to the lockdown date.

On July 27th, right after the Interior Minister announced the upcoming lockdown, Internal Security Forces evacuated the beach in the southern city Tyre.

The ISF later continued to clear out the corniche as well. They even wrote up fines for people in violation of safety measures, according to Lebanon24.

On Wednesday, July 29th, a day before the lockdown becomes official, authorities asked people the leave the beach.

They placed red caution lines along the beaches, indicating the closure of the beach and shore. Violators will receive fines if they cross the lines.

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