Watch How A Highway Is Blocked In Lebanon Just To Make Way For A Politician


A traffic jam was caused on a highway in Beirut on Friday after police forced all cars to stop to make way for 4 large cars driving a Lebanese political official.

The identity of the official is unknown, but what is clear is that the official does not take into consideration the other drivers, nor does the official respect their time.

However, this is not a strange sight in Lebanon, where officials often, if not always, put themselves ahead of the residents who voted for them.

Additionally, Leb Protests noted that people have recently been forced into waiting in long lines day and night just to fill their car tanks with gas.

These are the people of the country who have had to stop their cars and wait in traffic for the cars to pass.

The scene went viral on social media today. It serves as a brutal reminder that political officials expect to be above the law & order and be treated like kings of past eras; all while the country has collapsed under their leadership.

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