Geagea Says Authorities Claim They’re Being Prevented From Investigating Hasrouni’s Murder

Geagea Says Authorities Claim They're Being Prevented From Investigating Hasrouni's Murder
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Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea is deeply dissatisfied with authorities claiming they face major hurdles in investigating the abduction and tragic killing of LF member Elias Hasrouni.

In a message directed to caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati, caretaker Minister of Interior Bassam Mawlawi, caretaker Minister of Justice Henri Khoury, and State Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat, Geagea emphasized the fact that the LF has consistently asked for updates on the investigation’s progress.

Yet, they have received the same response each time: authorities are encountering obstacles that hinder their progress.

Geagea deemed this situation as wholly unacceptable. He urged the need for decisive action from Mikati, Mawlawi, Khoury, Oueidat, and the esteemed investigative judges.

Their responsibility, Geagea argued, is to ensure that the investigation is allowed to proceed without any further obstructions. He stressed that this is crucial not just for the sake of justice but also for uncovering the truth behind the assassination of a Lebanese citizen.

In doing so, they would not only uphold the principles of justice but also send a powerful message about the commitment to transparency and accountability.

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