Lebanese Authorities Just Shut Down Grocery Stores Due To Violations

AP/ Bilal Hussein

The consumer protection directorate in the Ministry of Economy and Trade has resumed its regulatory check-up to control violations in grocery stores across the country, with a focus on complaints reported to the ministry.

Among these businesses ordered to close down, a grocery store in Jezzine and in the Nabatiyeh district.

The ministry has been reportedly receiving complaints from consumers against many violators and is currently investigating their stores to bring them to the judiciary.

The ministry observers continue their tours across the country in coordination with the directorate general of public security, the directorate general of state security, and local municipalities.

The stated violations are mainly in regards to the grocery stores and supermarkets maintaining their high prices despite the recent decrease of the USD exchange rate in the black market, which no longer justifies their increased prices.

There have been many complaints among the Lebanese about the “raging” and very high prices of some necessities and food products.

Some are even calling to boycott supermarkets that are not pricing their goods as they should, taking into consideration the current economic crisis that is affecting many households.

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Lebanese Authorities Just Shut Down Grocery Stores Due To Violations

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