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Lebanese architect is using recycled materials to build a house!

Lebanon has been suffering from a garbage crisis for years which is also 

polluting the Mediterranean Sea

. There are two solutions: correctly managing the waste and changing our lifestyle. The Lebanese architect named Nizar Haddad is building an eco-friendly house which is made of recycled materials, following the global idea of re-using things creating custom pieces like


, clothes, vehicles etc. This green home will not only protect the environment, but it will also offer a modern and luxurious lifestyle for those who wish to reside in it. The project is called LifeHaus, and it aims at promoting recycled building materials and responding to the needs of the community and the environment. This house is sustainable, meaning that it generates electricity through solar panels. The wasted water will also be reused to water the plants. In fact, every house comes with a garden where people will be able to grow their own vegetables. Nizar has used the passive design technique to maintain a pleasant temperature range in the home. So, the residents will not be required to use heating or cooling systems. LifeHaus is designed to reduce the amount of energy that we use on a daily basis. The first prototype will be built in Baskinta.

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