Azzi & Osta Unveiled A funky Fashion Collection Inspired By The 80s Glam


Inspired by the 1980s flamboyance, Azzi & Osta released their latest fashion collection, “Season 8”, aiming to revive the love of the funky spirit.

Combining modernish with a sense of beautiful nostalgia, the Lebanese designer label involves “modern tweaks” noted with flared pants, power suits, bright party dresses, and overall vibrant patterns.

The popping colors infused by yellow, purple, brown, pink, blue, white, and a dash of black make Azzi & Osta’s Season 8 a rich blend of different designs.

The Ready To Wear collection targets people of all ages, whether for a night out or just to embrace the 80s look for daily tasks.

The light and groovy mood will instantaneously revive the childhood desire to enjoy the “joie de vivre.”

In addition, “Season 8” brings back the glittery sequence details to reanimate the flashiness of the disco glitz, while also adding a vintage touch.

In all, as expressed by the brand, “this collection is designed for the young-spirited and daring, effortless yet ambitious real woman of today that finds her individuality curated in each piece.”