Azzi & Osta Just Unveiled A Flamboyant New Collection Of Rebellious Designs


Since spring and summer are not far away, Azzi and Osta just released their season collection, titled Œuvres Rebelles (Rebel works).

This extravagant collection includes a variety of shapes and draped details of eye-grabbing colors, tailored in different lengths.

The theme is Œuvres Rebelles, recollecting the rebel aspects of life and nature. Each design is a masterpiece on its own.

The bright pink mixed with the red directly grabs the attention, at first sight, especially the kimono-like bow that brings the design to forcefully stand out.

The salmon/coral is simply stunning for this flowy dress of puffy sleeves reflecting the summer breeze and bringing to mind spring blossoms.

A striking contrast of a mini dress with puffy long extensions the like of past fashion royalties reflect the rebel aspect of the old meets the new.

A bold and odd style reminiscent of a wildflower blooming in the spring.

A hint of the 50s-60s with a rebellious modern twist subdued with the salmon hues makes this piece stand out in originality.

White arabesque cutout with feathery pop-ups of yellow like spring butterflies hovering over to celebrate a woman’s glamor.

Haute-couture and poetry, blooming flowers and sensual emotions, glamor and elegance… all come together in Azzi & Osta new collection of rebellious designs.

Take a look: