A Criminal Mastermind Of The Baabda Prison Break Was Just Arrested

Prison Break Lebanon

Lebanese security forces have caught one of the most dangerous criminals who escaped during the November Baabda prison break.

Internal Security Forces (ISF) said in a statement on Saturday that after weeks of surveillance and monitoring operations, its units were able to arrest 25-year-old Lebanese national “A.J.”

According to the ISF, not only is A.J. “one of the most dangerous prisoners” who escaped from Baabda Prison, but he is considered to be one of the main planners and executors of the escape operation.

He is also the head of a gang responsible for a large number of motorbike theft operations within Beirut’s southern suburbs.

In addition to that, the prisoner has a criminal history that includes robberies, thefts, and drug abuse, and he has 10 judicial notices linked to his name, according to the ISF.

His arrest came during an ambush in the Bourj Al-Barajneh area in the southern suburbs of Beirut on March 20th.

Notably, upon his interrogation, he admitted to having carried out more than 30 motorbike thefts in several areas in the suburbs since his escape from prison. He said he sold the stolen vehicles in a refugee camp.

The prisoner also admitted to having stolen several cars in the Beqaa region. He has been transferred to the competent judicial reference.

The ISF said that work is underway to locate and arrest the remaining prisoners who escaped during the Baabda prison break.