Baalbeck International Festival Is Coming Back This Summer!


The Baalbeck International Festivals Committee announced that the festival will be held next month in the temple of Bacchus.

The president of the committee, Nayla De Freij, took this decision despite the current circumstances in the country to prove the importance of the cultural and intellectual side of Lebanon.

The festival, however, will be without an audience; instead, it will be broadcasted via local, Arab, and international TV channels.

People will be able to watch the Baalbeck International Festival from the safety of their own homes and enjoy western symphonies, Lebanese songs, and the great sights.

The Baalbeck International Festival is an important cultural annual event in Lebanon that launched in 1955, attracting people from all around the world.

It presents classical music, dance, theater, opera, ballet, and jazz as well as modern world music, by both local and international performers.

A year after its launching, back-then Lebanese President Camille Chamoun named the event the Baalbeck International Festival, making it an official governmental institution with the goal to promote tourism and Lebanese culture.

The organization has also a drama school, established in 1966, for the promotion of works done by Lebanese authors.

The event brings in tens of thousands of spectators every year. This year will be even more since people all over Lebanon and the region can enjoy it on their TV screens.

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