The People of Baalbek Are Collecting Medicine to Donate to Families in Need


“If you no longer need the medicine, there is someone who does.” That is the slogan for Baalbek’s new initiative to provide medicine to those who cannot afford it in these circumstances.

The governor of Baalbek Bachir Khodr stated that they will collect people’s unused medicine they have at homes. “How many of us throw this medicine after it expires, and are able to donate instead?” He said.

Donated medicine is now being gathered in a collection center and will be delivered to those in need as of Tuesday, April 21st.

“The medicine will be delivered inside dispensaries by pharmacists after checking the prescription, or after a free examination by a doctor,” said Khodr.

People who would still like to donate can do so by contacting the volunteers at +961 70 303 914 through WhatsApp, providing the name of the medicine along with the quantity, the expiration date, and the location.

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