Lebanese Father Abandons His Baby-Girl Outside A Church Due To Economic Hardships

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On Tuesday morning, a 10-month-old baby girl was found abandoned in front of the hall of the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance in the northern village of El-Sheikh Muhammad in Akkar.

A patrol of the Internal Security Forces and the Information Division immediately took action while the Lebanese Red Cross took the baby to Abdullah El-Rasi Governmental Hospital in Halba to check her health condition.

Work began and surveillance cameras in the area were checked in order to find out who left the child.

A few hours later and according to Al-Jadeed, the girl’s father, identified as B.S. and born in 2000 came to Halba police station and admitted that he was the one who placed the infant girl in front of the church.

He told the police that his living conditions are difficult and he cannot support or provide for his kid. He stated that he’s currently unemployed and cannot provide her with even milk and diapers.

Lebanon is slumping quickly into misery with over half of the country trapped into poverty, according to recent reports.

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Sadly, it was expected, and even more so by the end of the year. People have been yelling for their governments to act since October 17th of last year, with no positive or constructive response.

The banks holding hostage the money of the people came like a daily knife on the wounds of a nation that has been already suffering tremendously from long-lasting crises.

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From its side, the rulers of the country have been more focused on the interest of sectarian politics than the wellbeing and safety of its own people. The expanding poverty and the explosion of Beirut port are so painfully there to confirm it.

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