10-Month-Old Girl In Lebanon Dies Due To Poor Healthcare and Medicine Shortage


The family of 10-month-old Joury al-Sayyed is still in shock following her sudden death on Saturday. The sad news shook the country on Sunday.

Joury suffered a high fever for three days, which led to lung inflammation, according to AFP. She was taken to the hospital in her village of Mazboud in the Chouf District but did not make it.

According to her family, she was a victim of poor hospital care and the medicine shortage. “We’re living in a country where the hospitals don’t have medicine, and the pharmacies are closed,” her uncle Ayman al-Sayyed told AFP.

It is worth noting that pharmacies across the country began an open strike on Friday and closed in protest over the lack of medicines.

In a statement, Mazboud hospital assured that Baby Joury received the appropriate treatment and was provided with the medicines she needed.

She died after being moved from the hospital to be treated somewhere else, allegedly without medical consultation.

Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced that an investigation would be launched to determine what went wrong in the circumstances revolving around Baby Joury’s death.