After $2 Million Raised, Baby Mila Falls Into A Coma And Can No Longer Receive The Treatment


After enough funds were raised to afford her treatment, Mila Ahmad Marzouk has been rendered incapable of receiving treatment for her life-liming disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 (SMA1).

Mila’s family has been working relentlessly to raise over $2 million to afford the one-time Zolgensma injection that would cure her painful condition before she turns 2 because it would be too late.

Last month, they successfully raised the amount needed, however, Mila’s condition suddenly deteriorated until eventually, she suffered from a lack of oxygen resulting in severe brain damage.

In an IGTV, Mila’s heartbroken mother, Farah, goes online to share the devastating news with all those who donated to and followed Mila’s case.

“20 days ago, I said in a video that we secured the treatment for Mila. But God would have it that she does not take her treatment after all,” she said.

“God destined that I work hard to get the treatment, but when we secured it, Mila can no longer take it. Mila is now in a coma,” she said breaking into tears. “My daughter was relieved of the pain, the fatigue, everything.”

Farah explained that the donations secured for Mila’s treatment are still being used to pay for hospital care and that she will update viewers every step of the way.

In a second video, she clarified to those who donated solely to help Mila get the SMA1 cure, that since she can no longer take the injection donors who want their money back they can reach out to the family.

“As for the one who donated with the aim of treating Mila, then she still needs hospital care,” she said, adding the entire remaining amount will be distributed to associations and people in need and that she will document the entire process. 

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