Lebanese Bachir Ice Cream Just Made the News in France!

If you are Lebanese, it is almost certain that you have tried Bachir ice cream at least once, and we guarantee that you enjoyed it.

But did you know that Bachir has a branch… in Paris? You heard me right… and it is not any less successful than your local branch, or the many branches in Lebanon.

LCI, a French news channel owned by TF1 group, proved it, praising Bachir ice cream’s texture, taste, and different flavors during its morning show!

Caroline and Jessie Bachir were invited to the morning show on August 17th, 2019, and they spoke in detail of what makes Bachir ice cream different. Glace Bachir introduces itself as “The first glacier in Paris to offer 100% organic ice made with Lebanese know-how.”

Located at a stone’s throw from the Centre Pompidou and Les Halles-Châtelet in Paris – France, Glace Bachir invites people to discover the special Ice Cream Ashta with its pistachio coating.

100% bio, it’s a Lebanese specialty, with whole milk and orange blossom, without egg or cream, which makes it less fattening than the average ice cream.

Of course, there is a rich selection of delicious flavors to choose from, but the Ashta ice cream seems to be the people’s favorite.

Bachir Ice Cream originates from a genuine family story, a business firstly established by founding brothers Maurice and Edward Bachir in the little town of Bikfaya in 1936.

The two brothers espoused two sisters, Marie-Antoinette and Yvette Bejjani, and all four started making ice cream in the backyard of the house they lived in together.

Passion, commitment, and continuity were the core predicaments to the ice cream everyone now cherishes. Bachir Ice Cream is authentic, is proudly Lebanese, and is for everyone.

Bachir attracts many people in Lebanon as well as in France: another success story for the Lebanese food that we are very proud of!

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