Baghdad Is Holding a Protest in Solidarity for Lebanon!

The protests that started in Beirut and across Lebanon on Thursday are spreading exponentially across the world. After Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia this weekend, it is the Lebanese diaspora in Baghdad that will be holding their manifestation of solidarity on Monday, October 21st. 


Despite that Prime Minister Hariri has launched a public ultimatum to his government to solve the crisis, giving a 72 hours deadline, the protests in Lebanon and around the world continue to progress.

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Demands for the government to resign have been the main focus of the protesters due to years of severe economic hardships and an increase in taxes, which the people can’t possibly cope with. The speech of PM Hariri to the public has revealed conflicts within the government impeding reforms.


It remains that the price has been too heavy on the citizens, a price that it is not on them to pay. Whatever the causes and reasons, more issues are being raised now by the Lebanese protestors around the world; all of which could be briefed in one main headline: The right for all Lebanese men and women to live with dignity.

Accordingly, our Lebanese people in Baghdad have launched a call to assemble in front of the Lebanese Embassy to manifest peacefully in solidarity with their families in Lebanon. The protest will take place on Monday, Oct 21st, at 10 AM local time. via  


Their FB announcement states, “To the Lebanese community in Baghdad, we will have a vigil in front of the Lebanese Embassy in Baghdad in solidarity with our people and our beloved Lebanon.”

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