Bahrain Just Suspended All Flights To And From Lebanon

The coronavirus epidemic has caused a worldwide panic as countries scramble to find a way to contain and treat the virus.

The outbreak has 82,000 victims worldwide, so far. With two cases confirmed in Lebanon recently, both originating from Iran, countries have now started banning flights to and from Lebanon.

In Bahrain, the Civil Aviation Affairs announced on Thursday, February 27th, that all flights to and from Lebanon be suspended immediately until further notice. 

It urges that citizens living in areas that are infected with the virus and are thinking about returning to Bahrain to call a certain emergency number: +973 17227555.

As reported, all arrivals to Bahrain International Airport will be tested and if found infected with the virus will be immediately quarantined for isolation and treatment.

They urged their citizens to take precautionary measures in order to reduce their risks of being infected with the virus.

It is to note that while Lebanon has only two cases of coronavirus, both declared improving, Bahrain records 23 cases as of February 26th; according to Al Jazeera’s updates. 

This decision by Bahrain drove many Lebanese to question the way Lebanon’s government is handling the Coronavirus epidemic.

The health minister Hasan Hamad’s decision to allow flights from Iran to arrive in Lebanon has not sat well with many Lebanese who are now blaming Iran for the arrival of the virus in their country.

An editorial on MTV said the following: “Thank you Iran for allowing a jet carrying people infected with coronavirus to enter our airspace. Is this the way countries cooperate, and is this the help that your promised Lebanon?”

By that, she pointed out to Iran’s parliament speaker Ali Larijani promising, during his recent visit, to support Lebanon in its crisis.

The information minister Manal Abdul Samad urged that political divisions should not be allowed to be used in this case.

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