This Bakery In North Lebanon Is Reportedly Still Selling Bread For 1,000 LBP

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A Facebook page, under the name of هنا طرابلس (Here is Tripoli), reported that a bakery in Tripoli, Northern Lebanon, is still selling bread for 1,000 Lebanese Lira:

“The U.S. dollar reached 33,000 LBP, but Abou Deeb in the Attareen market is still selling bread for 1,000 Pound […]. Tripoli will always be the “mother of the poor”.

A year ago, Abou Deeb was also selling the Man’oushe for 500 L.L and the Kaak for 250 L.L, as he refused to increase the prices during the severe economic crisis.

Lebanon is currently enduring a worrying bread and food crisis and people have to wait in long queues in front of bakeries to get bread.

Some, however, can not even afford bread. Last week, bread was being sold for 30,000 LBP in black markets.

Tripoli is once again proving to be the Lebanese Mother of the Poor, and more.

Humanness and patriotism could describe those acts of selfless kindness from people like Abou Deeb, as they are holding the country and its people together during the tough times of poverty and crises.

One could only wonder that if Abou Deeb can make it at that price, why wouldn’t the other bakeries across the country. Bread, after all, is the daily essential people can’t go on without.

In other areas of Lebanon, people were seen fighting in front of bakeries for a loaf of bread.

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