Bakery Owners Are Protesting In Lebanon

New Lebanon

Bakery owners are protesting in front of the Ministry of Economy to demand that wheat be secured for mills and the price for a bundle of bread commensurate with the exchange rate.

The Secretary of the Syndicate of Bakeries in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Nasser Sorour, explained that the problem is big because it is related to the loaf of bread. “The political class has closed most of the country’s institutions, and they have no problem with us closing either,” he said.

He raised a question about the reason for not signing the disbursement of wheat credits for two months, wishing the Minister of Finance to sign these credits so that people would not be humiliated.

The bundle of bread should be priced taking into account all parties, and that the owners of bakeries want a state, not a farm”, Sorour demanded

He also demanded the deputies elected by the Lebanese to meet immediately and save the bundle of bread that all children eat.

In his point of view, the Lebanese have a great responsibility to authorize the law that prevents the bundle of bread prices from being converted into dollars.

He warned that if this law is not approved, the Lebanese will not eat even bread, so the elected deputies must speed up the election of a president, members, and the commission and approve the law.