Bakery Owners Protested In Bekaa As The Last Warning Before A Major Flour Crisis

New Lebanon

The owners of the bakeries in the Bekaa staged a protest in front of the “Bekaa Mill”, during which they issued the last warning before the outbreak of a major crisis that the citizens cannot bear.

The Head of the Bakery Owners Syndicate in the Bekaa, Abbas Haidar, indicated that the Bekaa Mill feeds 80% of the region’s bakeries and that the protest is for solidarity with the mill and with the people in order to secure their needs.

He mentioned that the country is completely empty of wheat and its derivatives and the largest mills in Beirut have enough wheat stocks for 5 days at most.

Accordingly, those responsible are asked to resolve this crisis as soon as possible and the Minister of Economy to implement an alternative plan to secure flour.

The Union’s Secretary, Nasser Sorour, announced that they will take escalating steps in the coming hours.

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