You’re Going To Have To Wait Even Longer To Watch Barbie In Lebanese Cinemas


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After waiting for decades, Barbie fans worldwide are waiting to watch the new Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, on July 21st, 2023.

However, one of the most anticipated movies of 2023 has been postponed until August 31st with reasons for the delay remaining undisclosed.

The release was postponed across the Middle East, not just Lebanon, with UAE announcing the decision first.

Gay characters are present in the movie, which might have alarmed the Lebanese censorship bureau.

Fans have speculated that the reason for the delay in the Middle East could be because
Oppenheimer’s premiere was scheduled for the same day. The biopic set during the Second World War was released in cinemas worldwide on July 21st.

People are debating which to watch first, Barbie or Oppenheimer, creating the Barbinheimer phenomenon.

Ever since the teaser was released, the Barbie movie has been blowing up, and fans have been dying to find out what this live-action flick has in store for them.

Lebanon has a history of banning movies. The Spiderman movie was banned in Lebanese cinemas due to a “Protect Trans Kids” flag showing in the background of a 2-second scene. Both Minions and Lightyear were banned for same-sex kiss scenes.

While others, such as Death on the Nile, often get banned due to the presence of Israeli actors.

Despite this, Israeli Netflix series like Fauda, which follows a special forces team of the IDF, was not banned and even became the most-watched show in Lebanon.

العربية Français

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