Barbie Movie May Not Get Banned In Lebanon Afterall


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The Lebanese film oversight committee met to assess the suitability of the internationally successful “Barbie” movie.

Lebanon’s Minister of Culture, Mohammad Mortada, had recently expressed intentions to prevent the movie’s distribution within the country. This decision followed speculations about the film challenging societal norms, particularly regarding its portrayal of “homosexuality” promotions.

Made up of representatives from the Ministry of Economy and General Security, the committee reached a unanimous decision that the movie did not warrant a ban.

The film was initially set to premiere in Lebanon on July 20 but faced delays due to concerns about its alignment with the nation’s cultural values.

Lebanon’s history of banning films that may conflict with societal norms is well-known. This has previously included movies that tackled specific religious beliefs or included characters from the LGBTQ community.

As the committee’s ruling reverberates, the fate of “Barbie” in Lebanon remains uncertain.

Despite the endorsement from the film oversight committee, the final decision regarding its screening is still pending.

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العربية Français

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