The Lebanese Basketball Final Series Just Got Even More Heated

@Al Riyadi Club

The final series of the XXL Energy Lebanese Basketball Championship just got more intense than it already was. Beirut Club beat Al-Riyadi Club to tie up the score and make it 3-3.

This is not the first time these two teams have met in a final. Earlier this year, on April 30th, Beirut Club defeated Al-Riyadi Club in the Lebanese Basketball Cup Final 82-65. This time, however, Al-Riyadi Club is seeking retaliation.

After 5 close matches between the two teams, yesterday Beirut Club took the upper hand. Despite having one of their best players, Wael Arakji, injured mid-game, they beat Al-Riyadi Club 78-68.


Al-Riyadi Club won the first two games of the final before Beirut Club came back and made it 2-2. The 5th game was the closest out of the 6 played so far, which ended 68-65 to Al-Riyadi and made the score 3-2.

The final series has been a heated one for the fans of both teams as well. In the second game of the final series, the game had to be stopped due to a fight that broke out between the fans. The assistant of Al-Riyadi Club’s coach even got attacked.

Nonetheless, the two teams are set to meet on Friday for the final game, which will decide the winner of the tournament.

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