Baskinta, Lebanon In 10+ Amazing Photos

Baskinta is a village in the Metn district, located at the foot of Mount Sannine. This region offers a mesmerizing view of hills, valleys, and the Mediterranean Sea.

The name “Baskinta” is Syriac for “Beit Shkinto” which means “habitable place.”

It is the birthplace of notable Lebanese artists, writers, and politicians such as Amin Maalouf, Mikhail Naïmeh, and Georges Hobeika.

Maalouf’s award-winning novel “The Rock of Tanios” is set there.

Baskinta’s natural heritage includes a pine forest, and apple and peach orchards. If you’ve never tried this village’s apples, you’re missing out!

While you’re there, grab a bite at Krikor Bakery. The man’ouches are to die for!

This village is a famous destination for adventurers! Camping and hiking are the top activities!

Some off-road trails are also attracting amateur bikers! The ride is worth it!

If you’re into culture, consider visiting the museum of Mikhail Naïmeh, a famous Lebanese author (1889-1988), widely recognized for his spiritual writings.

The winter season in Baskinta is majestic!

Look at this view!

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