10 Places To Visit In Batroun If You Are Looking To Have A Delicious Breakfast

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Breakfast dates are usually overlooked and not as favored as lunch or dinner, although there is a particular thrill to having an early date around the first meal of the day.

Somehow, it is an exhilarating way to start your day.

In any case, breakfast in Lebanon is special, whether for a date or for you to have a deliciously satisfying morning meal, especially if you are on vacation or visiting the country.

So, if you are passing by Batroun, here are some good places for you to check out:

Elie’s Yard

Nothing says more “Lebanese breakfast” than a Manoush Saj prepared and baked under your eyes as you eagerly anticipate that blissful moment when you dig your teeth in its deliciousness.

Elie’s Yard in the Old Souks of Batroun is there to give you that Lebanese morning experience. It also serves a variety of traditional Lebanese breakfasts, such as hummus, Foul Mdamass, Labneh, Awarma, Keshek, and more.

Contact: 76 33 99 54.

Koko’s Bakery

Koko serves exceptional fluffy brioches along with other types of bakeries.

You can pre-order before 3 pm on 03 430 314.
Brioches are available every day from 2:30 pm till 6:30 pm (except Monday).

Not fancying brioches for breakfast? Go for a more traditional Lebanese one as Koko also serves fresh Lahem B-Ajeen


Located in the Diaspora Village, Lina’s offers a variety of breakfast items on its menu. From Lebanese mezza to foreign bouchés, Lina’s is a nice place to have a delicious breakfast in Batroun.

Contact: 06740497

Rahbani Bakery

Rahbani Bakery has a fun and cozy setting in the middle of Batroun’s old souks.

It offers multiple breakfast items from brioches to Lebanese man’oush and savory pastry and pies.

Contact: 78 877 829

Furn Merchak

Operating since 1868, Furn Merchak serves a wide range of Lebanese ‘Mouaajanat’ with multiple fillings.

It is a great place to have a taste of Lebanese traditional breakfast.

Contact: 70740050 or 06740050.


Located in Batroun Seaside Road, in Bahsa Beach, Ray’s serves you a sophisticated and new breakfast concept. With a wide and mixed menu, including Shankleesh, Foul Mdamass, and more, you can enjoy your morning meal with a nice view of the beach.

Contact:  03919703.


Leaf offers a French-like breakfast in the middle of the old souks.

With a large menu specifically made for morning delights, Leaf is a perfect destination for breakfast dates.

Contact: 71 229 220.

Zaatar W Zeit

Located on Batroun seaside road, the famous Zaatar W Zeit offers a unique experience with its mix of foreign and Lebanese menus.

Zaatar W Zeit has been a destination for delicious breakfasts in all its branches across the country.

Contact 6642519

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’s Batroun branch is just as good as the other ones all around Lebanon.

You can grab yourself donuts and exquisite drinks for breakfast.

Contact:  6 642 029


Starbucks is well known for its special coffee and delicious sweets, and it also offers savory delights with a Lebanese twist, like croissant Zaatar & Cheese.

If you are visiting Batroun during breakfast time, or any time, pass by Starbucks in front of The Village and enjoy it.

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