BBC’s “Real Housewives of ISIS” Comedy Show Is Unacceptable!

BBC has released a new “comedy” series calling the

Real Housewives of ISIS

. It is part of, 

Revolting, a 

comedy show that airs on BBC. The thing is, there’s nothing comedic about it. The show follows along the lines of the

Real housewives ofBeverly Hills, Orange County, New York City etc

. Yes, I can take a joke. But this isn’t one and the topic isn’t one that would make me laugh. I’m all about using comedy to address social and world issues. I believe it’s one of the best ways of spreading a message. But with this “show”, there’s nothing more to it but making a joke of a very serious issue; An ongoing conflict by one of the most barbaric groups in modern history. Just in case you forgot what ISIS has done, maybe I should remind you… This is a group that has lead to hundreds of thousands of people’s deaths, displacement of millions and spread terror to hundreds of millions around the world. This is the same group that has been responsible for massacres, mass rape, gang-rape, mass child sexual assault, forced recruitment of children, mass kidnapping, sex slavery, kidnapping, forced marriage, a genocide, burning people alive, burying people alive, beheading people, enforcing sharia law on Muslims and non-Muslims, forced conversations, as well as destruction of historic monuments and countless of Churches. Just a few months ago they found

72 mass graves

containing 15,000 bodies. They’ve been kidnapping girls and women of minority groups and are selling them as sex slaves or giving them as “rewards” to ISIS soldiers. They are also exchanged for “weapons, 10 cigarettes or

even just $10

Or how about where to touches close to home, Lebanon. Are we already forgetting what’s been going on in Arsal? Or the Lebanese soldiers that were killed? or the soldiers that were kidnapped by ISIS and we still don’t know where they are? Or how about the

suicide bombings

in the Christian-majority village of Qaa? Or the attempted terrorist attacks throughout Lebanon that the army keeps stopping? Or how about how ISIS threatened to stop church bells from ringing in Lebanon? So you want to tell me this “comedy show” is not a big deal? A show where we see the wives taking selfies, talking about Instagram hashtags, showing off their “fashionable” suicide vests and where we see them plan outfits for the next beheading. How about we talk about the


housewives of ISIS? Over

500 girls

and women from the Western World have gone to Syria to join ISIS. Most through radicalization, manipulation and a lot of deception. Let’s talk about the 2 teenage girls who were seduced from Austria to join ISIS. Samra Kesinovic (who was 17) and Sabina Selimovic (who was 15). They disappeared in 2014 from Vienna, Austria only to be found in Raqqa months later. They were used as “poster girls” for ISIS. The young girls were forced into marriages, raped and gang-raped throughout their time in Syria. Samra was beaten to death after trying to leave Raqqa and go back home. Sabina was still missing then and was later found dead following a conflict. An Islamic preacher from Bosnia living in Vienna, Mirsad O., known by the Islamic name of ‘Ebu Tejma’, was allegedly responsible for the radicalization of the two young girls. He has since been arrested for his role in a terrorist funding network in Austria. Now that you understand the background and stories of this evil group and what it was like to be married to these scum ISIS soldiers, feel free to enjoy this “show”: [vps][/vps]

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