Bcharreh, Lebanon in 25 amazing photos

Bcharreh is a picturesque village in North Lebanon. It is home to the world’s oldest cedars, old churches, breathtaking mountains, and magical landscapes.


It is also the hometown of the renowned Lebanese author, philosopher, and painter Gibran Khalil Gibran. Thousands of people visit Bcharreh every year to visit the artist’s museum and to know more about the village that inspired the writer so much.

Also, Bcharreh is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Forest of the Cedars of God and Qadisha Valley.

It’s a great place to escape to any time of the year. The village attracts people every winter. Bcharreh looks great in white!

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The name “Bcharreh” is Phoenician for “Beit Ishtar” which means “The House of Ishtar,” Ishtar being a goddess worshipped by the Phoenicians.

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Saint Saba Cathedral is located at the center of the village. It’s one the village’s landmarks.

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The church is shaped like a cross to bless the four corners of Bcharreh.

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Lebanon’s abundant cedar forests make it a unique country in the Middle East. These trees are the symbol of resilience, immortality, and elevation.

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The word Cedar is mentioned 75 times in the Old Testament. It represents strength and longevity.

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In the ancient times, cedar woods were prestigious. The Phoenicians used to export them in the region. King Salomon used cedar wood for his temple.

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Qadisha Valley has housed Christian monastic communities for many centuries. It’s now a destination where people seek peace, and where pilgrims pray.

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It is home to the following monasteries: Qannoubine, Saint Anthony of Qozhaya, Our Lady of Hawqa, Mar Sarkis, Mar Elisha, Mar Gerges, Mar Aboun, and Mar Youhanna.

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The valley is straight out of a fairytale!

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Look at this mesmerizing view!

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Gibran Khalil Gibran is one of the most renowned Lebanese authors. He wrote in Arabic as well as in English. His museum was formerly the Monastery of Mar Sarkis. The building houses the artist’s original paintings, drawings, and belongings.

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“The Prophet” is one of the writer’s most acclaimed books. It was translated into more than forty languages. In 2014, the American-Mexican actress of Lebanese descent Salma Hayek co-produced “Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet” which was an international success. She visited Bcharreh to launch the movie!

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The stairs that lead people to the museum is magical!

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Bcharreh is full of hidden gems. Wherever you go, you’ll find something beautiful to discover!

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The apples of Bcharreh are exquisite! 

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This village is the land of fruits!

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Bcharreh is a famous hiking destination. These are the hiking trails that you can enjoy: Bcharreh-Bazaoun (19.3 km) and Wadi Qannoubine-Bcharreh (13.7 km).

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The roads are magical!

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Make sure to grab your camera when visiting Bcharreh to take awesome shots!

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Bcharreh’s city hall is beautiful!

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When you’re there, you’ll feel that you are at the top of the world!

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Make sure to add Bcharreh to your summer bucket list!

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