BDL’s New LL100,000 Bill Could Be Mistaken For The LL1,000 Bill


In a striking reflection of Lebanon’s shifting economic landscape, the Banque du Liban (BDL) has unveiled its new LL100,000 bill, remarkably similar in size to the modest LL1,000 note.

This similarity is not just a visual curiosity; it mirrors the profound changes in the country’s currency value.

Once, the LL100,000 bill represented a substantial amount, worth about $66, while the LL1,000 lingered around the $0.60 mark. Today, however, the picture is drastically different.

Inflation has reshaped the value of the Lebanese lira, reducing the LL100,000 to just slightly over a dollar, while the LL1,000 has become almost negligible in its worth.

This new note, smaller than its predecessors and closely matching the LL1,000 in color, is a tangible symbol of these economic shifts.

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