12 Places To Rent A Chalet In Lebanon If You Fancy A Weekend At The Beach

Al Yasmine House Guest | Damour Country Club

If you’re a fan of the summer, you are probably a fan of beaches, and if you are a fan of beaches, you will surely love spending the weekend at one of these chalets along the beautiful coast of Lebanon.

Here are 10 chalets you can rent for all your summer beach plans whether it be swimming, tanning, or even diving.

#1 Sawary Resort

Sawary Resort is located in Batroun. With chalets, bungalows, and much more, you are sure to feel right home next to some of Lebanon’s cleanest seawater.

#2 Tabarja Beach

Tabarja Beach is a resort with the summer vibes you need. Green areas with palm trees all around, and a sandy beach. Your stay there will be satisfactory for all your beach cravings.

#3 Jiyeh Marina Resort

As the name indicates, this resort is in Jiyye, close to Damour, where Lebanon’s cleanest sea is. Jiyeh Marina Resort’s foliage, along with clean and modern pools provides a great experience for anyone staying there.

#4 Damour Beach Resort

What’s better than being close to Damour? Being in Damour! Enjoy the cleanest water in Lebanon while seated right next to the sand. That’s a good summer.

#5 Damour Country Club

If you don’t like sand a lot, Damour Country Club has a pool that’s right next to the sea, along with neat minimalistic green areas and a modern-design pool.

#6 San Stephano Resort

San Stephano Resort, located in Batroun, offers great food, amazing views, and most importantly, the sea! It’s a great destination for the summer to cool off and have some leisure time.

#7 Ocean Blue Resort

Byblos is well-known for its ancient landmarks, however, Ocean Blue Resort is just as beautiful. With various restaurants and a beautiful pool, it makes for a perfect summer getaway.

#8 Gaia by the Sea

Gaia by the Sea is a beautiful resort in Kaslik, with a design reminiscent of Santorini, filled with the bright blue and white colors that are sure to make you feel on the Island itself.

#9 La Siesta Beach Resort

Located in Khalde, La Siesta Resort is close enough to Beirut that the car ride doesn’t take too long, but far enough that you don’t have to hear the city rush behind you.

#10 Beit El Bahr Guesthouse

Beit El Bahr, located in Tabarja, fashions a traditional look that fuses both Lebanese and Italian culture. Along with a beautiful view of Tabarja, this will provide you with a relaxing and calm stay.

#11 Al-Yasmine Guesthouse

Located between Naqoura and Tyre, Al Yasmine Guesthouse provides tons of activities that aren’t just limited to swimming and eating. Horse riding, tennis, and mini-golf are all options available to you during your stay there.

#12 Shatt El Rewa Guesthouse

Located in Kfaraabida, Batroun, Shatt El Rewa is a big guesthouse you should consider if you are looking for a private and peaceful time with your friends at the beach.

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