There’s A Beach Cleanup Happening This Sunday In Ghaziye, Lebanon

Lebanese University

A cleanup is taking place on Sunday, August 14th, at the sandy beach in Ghazieh, a town next to the famous city of Sidon.

Here’s what you should know:

Participants must be there at 7:30 AM and it will last until 11:30 AM. Breakfast, tombola, and music will be included during the cleanup.

This event is organized by Corporate Social Responsibility, and is part of the SWIM contest 2022 for sustainability and environmental awareness, which entails organizations hosting cleanups in different Lebanese towns.

The winner of the competition will be announced in October.

SWIM, Sustainable Waste Intercity Marathon, organizes cleanups along the Lebanese shore and other rivers and lakes. Their goal is not just to clean, but to spread environmental awareness, recycle at the source, and preserve nature.

Everything needed will be provided, such as buckets to assemble the trash rather than use plastic bags. A recycling company will pick up the trash and categorize it to reduce the gathered waste.

Reusable gloves will also be offered to decrease the usage of plastic.

Lisa Sofian, one of the founders of SWIM Lebanon, told 961, “We especially encourage children to take part in cleanups because they are the future. They play a huge role in our awareness mission to change routines for a sustainable environment.”

This event is open to everyone. You could just show up there or sign up by texting this number: 03 220 470

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