7 Things That Make The Beach Experience In Lebanon Amazing!

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It’s beach season so it’s the perfect time to appreciate the awesomeness of the beaches in Lebanon! No matter how like to spend your day at the beach, you’ll find something that suits your taste in Lebanon!

#1 The sea is gorgeous

Nothing beats a good view while sunbathing or drinking fresh juice! The sea in Lebanon is exceptional especially in the North and in the South! So if you like beauty and love taking good pictures, then visiting beaches in Lebanon is an absolute must!

#2 Beach parties are on all day everyday

Not everyone likes calm vibes! If you are a party animal, there are lots of resorts in Lebanon where you can party all day long!

#3 Many water sports are available

Would you like to get an adrenaline rush? If yes, then plan a beach day as soon as possible! There are lots of activities that are fun to do like scuba diving, jet-skiing, parasailing, water-skiing, kitesurfing, and many more activities.

In addition to that, the surfing culture is blooming in Lebanon, so you might want to give it a try!

#4 The sea is the perfect view while having lunch

Having lunch in a fish restaurant is a good idea for those who want to contemplate the sea without having to swim or to walk on the beach! Restaurants that specialize in fish are mostly by the sea in Lebanon, so you get to stare at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea while having lunch! Plus, the fish in Lebanon tastes extremely good!

#5 Swim with sea animals

If you happen to be swimming in the south and are lucky, you will spot sea turtles and have a swim with them!

#6 The beach culture in Lebanon is nothing you’ve experienced before!

Lebanon has a unique beach culture.

#7 It’s waiting for you!

If you’re up for some fun, you know where to go! The beach in Lebanon combines good times, adrenaline rush, and pure Lebanese culture!

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