10 Beaches You Should Explore This Summer In Lebanon

One of the most delightful aspects of living in Lebanon during the summer is spending our day at the beach.

It’s an iconic element of summer that allows us days of sun and fun with our friends or family and lets all our worries melt away with every splashing wave that comes ashore.

If you’re coming from abroad or just looking for some fresh ideas, we’ve got you ten beach havens that are worth checking out!

#1 El Heri (Chekka)

This beach located in the northern coastal town of Chekka is a free public beach to enjoy with friends or family.

There are some resorts, as well, with a minimal entrance fee to their beach fronts. You can enjoy the sandy beach and refreshing clear sea for a nice day of fun in the sun. 

#2 Anfeh Beach (Anfeh)

Known as the “Little Santorini” of Lebanon, Anfeh’s has gained the nickname “Anforini.”

Located on the northern coast just south of Tripoli, the beachfront is covered with clubs and docks painted in the iconic white and blues of the actual Santorini.

So if you’re wanting a Grecian experience, this is the place. The clubs offer amenities like restaurants and bathrooms, and you can take a refreshing dip in the cool, clear water. 

#3 Lazy B (Jiyeh)

Lazy B is a tranquil beach resort on the southern coast in the town of Jiyeh.

The premises consist of three pools, several lounge areas, a sandy beach, and a restaurant, so it’s a good place to take your friends or family if you want the full package.

They also make tropical cocktails using a whole fruit as the cup, if you’re planning on posting on Instagram. 

#4 Edde Sands (Byblos)

Located in Byblos, north of Beirut, Edde Sands is a hotel & wellness resort, and one of the most popular beach clubs in Lebanon.

The resort also offers three different pools, as well as plenty of lounge space where you can get your tan on or read a good book. If you feel like making a whole weekend out of it, you can also book a room at the hotel.

#5 Rabbits Island (Tripoli)

This small island nature reserve off the coast of the northern capitol provides a more down-to-earth and natural beach experience, as the island is remote and doesn’t have any beach clubs.

The seclusion will make it feel like a getaway after taking the 20-minute ferry ride, and the water is crystal clear.

However, since there aren’t any resorts, you have to plan ahead and pack everything you will need. Just make sure you dispose of your waste properly, since it is a nature reserve. 

#6 Ô-Glacée (Batroun)

This is a more affordable option for those looking for a beach club without all the posh prices.

Located in the northern town of Batroun, Ô-Glacée offers a beach bar, beach access, lounge areas, and a small river-like pool where you can cool off if the waves are too much.

You can also order food, so there is something for everyone. It’s a good place to lounge by the sea with a glass of rosé. 

#7 Riviera Hotel & Resort (Beirut)

This is another good one for those who want a little more luxury with their beach.

It’s situated in Beirut near the Corniche and offers all the amenities of beach luxury, like a swimming pool, cabanas, lounge areas, a restaurant, and a bar.

If you feel like extending your stay beyond one day at the beach, you can also book a room at the hotel for the total package. 

#8 Janna Sur Mer (Damour)

Located in Damour, south of Beirut on the way to Saida, Janna Sur Mer is a great resort if you like lounging by the pool. It boasts one of the biggest swimming pools, in fact.

And, if you prefer the natural beach, there is also a lounge area on the sand. there are also two swimming pools for the kids, so bring your family for a good time. You can even book a room and stay a while. 

#9 Tyre Beach (Tyre)

If you prefer a nice sandy beach for long walks, Tyre in southern Lebanon is a lovely place. It’s a public beach, so there are no resorts, but you can pack your own chairs and a cooler with snacks and drinks.

It’s a very affordable option, as there is no fee to enter any private club, and you can enjoy the super clear blue water. It’s truly one of Lebanon’s natural beauties. 

#10 Joining Beach (Batroun)

The secret is out with this one! Located in Kfar’abida just outside Batroun in the north, this once lesser-known beach has become a summer favorite.

It’s situated next to Joining Beach restaurant and thus took the same name. It’s also a free beach that has a small sandy part for lounging, as well as various rock formations that form small caves or pools in the water. 

With so many options, there is something for every beachgoer in Lebanon. No matter your budget or preference, these ten options will definitely provide a good time soaking up that summer sun. 

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Enjoy the Lebanese Season to its fullest!

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