Rare Video Showing The Beatles In Beirut Refueling Their Plane

One can confidently say that everyone is familiar with the iconic pop-rock band the Beatles. The group was formed in 1960 and quickly took the world by storm, becoming the most influential band of all time.

During the summer of 1964, they had a 27-day world tour that included 37 shows between Denmark, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand, before continuing to the United States.

A real-life display of Beatlemania took place in Beirut Airport when the aircraft carrying the band made a 1-hour stop to refuel while on its way to the Far East.

The runway was invaded by over 400 fans, both Lebanese and ex-pats, welcoming their favorite band members. There was a lot of swooning!

Some sources say that the members didn’t even want to get out of the plane at first but later decided to stand at the top of the ladder and bless their fans with their presence. Thankfully, someone was there to take footage of the event.

The video shows girls and guys engulfing the airplane, carrying posters and albums that they wanted to get signed. One guy was even wearing his Beatles wig to look like them.

In the video, we can even see a young Paul McCartney shaking and touching hands with the fans reaching out to them.

Some true fans were daring enough to climb into the plane from the back! Talk about ‘stanning’!

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