Beggar in viral picture was found dead with over one million dollars in her possession

Two months ago, a picture of a Lebanese soldier helping a homeless, disabled woman drink water went viral on social media. The photo was taken in Barbir.

Plot twist

Today, authorities found the body of the 52-year-old woman in a car in Basta with around L.L. 5 million ($3,303) in her possession. The cash was found in plastic bags. According to


, her name is Fatima Othman, and she is from Ain Al Dahab, Akkar. She died of natural causes. They also found savings accounts that are worth LBP 1.7 billion ($1,123,187). However, the authorities did not confirm whether these bankbooks belong to her or not.

Fatima’s mother and seven siblings were shocked to find out that she passed away. But they were even more shocked that she left the world with millions of dollars behind. According to the Mokhtar Fadi Rachid Al Achkar, the family is financially struggling, and Fatima did not visit her relatives very often. The body of Fatima has been returned to her family in Akkar where she was buried. That is a bizarre story. We need to wait for a statement from the authorities.

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