Multiple Death Cases Reported Inside Lebanon’s Central Prison In Roumieh

Al Monitor

Three deaths in the overcrowding central prison in Roumieh were reported, bringing the number of reported deaths to 5 in less than two months.

According to security sources, one of the prisoners who died in the past two days “had been staying at Al-Hayat Hospital for a month as a result of a health condition, and the second died inside the cell in Roumieh prison as a result of his heart suddenly stopping.”

The prison administration asked to “make an inventory of the deaths that occurred during the past and current years.”

Security sources confirmed to Al Markaziya that a state of confusion prevails in Roumieh prison after the death of 3 prisoners between the ages of 22 and 30, and revealed that the prison administration began investigating a number of officers who bring food to prisoners.

The sources denied the news circulating about the possibility that the death cases were caused by prisoners drinking contaminated water and contracting a virus. They pointed out that the cases occurred in different buildings, which excludes the hypothesis of poisoning or death due to a virus.

The second possibility is that prisoners who died took an overdose of drugs or because of their quality.

As for how the contraband reached the prisoners, especially since the decision to prevent the families from bringing food to the prisoners is still in effect, the sources revealed that this process is carried out by a number of security forces, and one of the elements was recently caught entering drugs for the prisoners.

In parallel, the director of the Prisoner’s Rights Center in Tripoli, Lawyer Mohamad Sablouh, asserted that “the situation inside prisons has become a warning of an explosion, and, while the prison is supposed to serve as a center for the rehabilitation of prisoners, it turns into a center for the graduation of criminals.”

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