Beirut Ranked As The 12th Most Expensive City In The World


According to Numbeo, Beirut was ranked as the 12th most expensive city in the world to live in for the year 2022.

In its report, “Cost of Living Index 2022 Mid-Year,” Beirut was ranked 12th behind 3 US cities, 6 Swiss cities, and the capital cities of the island nations Bermuda and the Bahamas.”

The report estimated that a Lebanese family of four members needed around $3,500 per month to cover its expenses, excluding rent. Moreover, a single person living in Beirut would need around $983 monthly.

The report found that the cost of living in Lebanon was, on average, only 2.28% cheaper than in the United States.

Numbeo further added that the quality of life in Lebanon was considered “very low,” leaving many people claiming that the high prices in Beirut were unjustified.

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