Beirut Airport Flights Between Lebanon And Saudi Arabia Did Not Stop


Beirut Airport Chief, Hadi Al Hassan, said in a television interview that flights between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia did not stop.

“Until this moment, nothing has changed concerning flights between Lebanon and the Gulf countries, and we have not received any message from any airline, whether Arab or local, to stop flights,” Al Hassan assured.

Beirut Airport’s Chief wished that flights would not be stopped, “because the Gulf countries are among the most popular destinations for passengers from Lebanon,” he said.

These announcements came after Saudi Arabia decided to recall its ambassador to Lebanon and to grant the Lebanese ambassador to it to leave within 48 hours.

Following Saudi Arabia’s decisions sparking the Lebanon-Gulf crisis, fears prevail on more than one level, including the fear of stopping money transfers, in addition to permanently severing relations and suspending flights.

Saudi Arabia is home to over 120,000 Lebanese expats working to provide for their families back in Lebanon; other reports estimate the number to be 269,000.

DHL has already been instructed to stop all mail deliveries from Lebanon to the Saudi Kingdom.

However, Saudi Arabia confirmed that it does not intend to deport the Lebanese or stop money transfers.

With the Lebanon-Gulf Crisis escalating, the Lebanese Interior Minister has called for measures and comprehensive reforms to restore the relations with the Arab Gulf on which Lebanon relies to a large extent for its economy as well as politically.

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