Beirut Airport Preparing for Influx of Visitors

A partial expansion project has been recently implemented at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport. This project is set to improve passengers’ flow and relieve the hardships of Lebanese people traveling from and to this airport.


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As part of this project, twelve additional passport control counters will be added at the departures area of Beirut’s airport by June 2019. That in addition to a new “fast-track link” system for the passengers of first and business classes. 

Minister of Public Works and Transport Youssef Fenianos and Minister of Interior Raya Hassan held a news conference at the airport for the ongoing implementation of the project.



“We’re currently seeking to increase the number of the counters of the General Security to 34 instead of 22, and the work is supposed to end on the first of June, which will make it easier to receive more passengers,” Mr. Fenianos told the reporter.

While the work is ongoing on this project, five of the 22 existing passport control counters were closed, which caused the overcrowding of the departure area in the past few days.


As a result, Minister Fenianous apologized to everyone for what they are experiencing at the airport, asking them to take into consideration that all procedures and actions are done for their own sake.

“What we’re working on is necessary. It is true that this will cause congestion, but we have to endure the situation,” he said.

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From her side, Minister Hassan expressed her hope that the new airport- which will be ready in the next few months- will relieve the suffering of the Lebanese and will help in receiving the tourists.

She added, “We must be ready to receive first the Lebanese people and then the Arab tourists to whom we aim to open our hearts, our airport, and our city, to welcome them in the best possible way.”

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