Beirut Airport Readying To Receive An Influx Of Tourists This Summer

Beirut Airport

Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Interior Minister of Interior Bassam Mawlawi toured Rafic Hariri International Airport, where they were welcomed by the Ministers of Works and Tourism, Ali Hamiya and Walid Nassar, as well as the Director-General of Civil Aviation Fadi Al-Hassan.

PM Mikati and Minister Mawlawi were then briefed on the ongoing preparations in readiness for the start of a promising tourist season in Lebanon.

Mikati stressed that he is reassured about the procedures at the airport, and issued that he must be informed in the event of any complaint or defect in order to treat it.

On the issue of security inside the airport, Mikati mentioned that there is a need for 100 additional security elements and that he plans to hold meetings with ministers and security officials to strengthen it.


In response to a question about the electricity crisis affecting the airport, Mikati called on the Energy Minister to respond and do the necessary measures to secure the appropriate atmosphere to receive tourists.

Mawlawi assured all arrivals that the security in Lebanon is in good condition, where the security service is doing its duty.

Minster Ali Hamiya confirmed a promising summer and announced that they are about to launch an international tender for the construction of the airport’s east building. This will provide hundreds of jobs and will accommodate all the services not available in the current building.

This official tour of the Beirut Airport comes as 1.2 million visitors have already arrived in the country, most of them from the Lebanese diaspora, and more are expected, based on the high rate of recorded reservations in hotels, especially for July so far.

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