Beirut Will Be Bustling With Art Events This September!

Lebanese designers are famous all over the world. From


that design surreal buildings to

fashion designers

whose dresses steal the spotlight, Lebanon has always proved that it is a country that gives birth to artistic legends.

Beirut Design Fair

This year, from the 20th till the 24th of September, BIEL will be hosting the first edition of Beirut Design Fair. The latter is an event that will gather designers, actors, brands, and distributors with collectors, sponsors, and investors. Beirut Design Fair will not only give artists the opportunity to showcase their works but it will also help people interested in art to find their next investment or to add a new artwork to their collection. This event aims at putting Lebanon on the international design scene. The organizers believe that Beirut could easily become the capital of design. In fact, the size of the Lebanese market is 600 million dollars. Investing in design and making this sector grow will only benefit the regional market. This fair will be an opportunity for artists to make sales, exchange contacts with potential investors and sellers, and gain ground. For more information about Beirut Design Fair, click



Beirut Art Fair

In fact, the 8th edition of Beirut Art Fair will be taking place at the same time and the same location as Beirut Design Fair. It will provide a space for artists to showcase their talents. The creativity and the fine style of Lebanese artists have made this event an international one. Every year, more and more people attend this fair making it an important event in the Middle East and Africa.

Beirut Art Week

From the 19th to the 26th of September, the landmarks and historical sites in Beirut will be open art galleries where contemporary sculptures, installations, and performances will take place. For more information about Beirut Art Fair and Beirut Art Week, click


. Beirut is revitalizing its artistic energy this year so make sure to attend these events!

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