Beirut Is Being Auctioned Off on Ebay and People Are Actually Bidding.

beirut is being auctioned off

Beirut is being auctioned off. Apparently it wasn’t that great of an investment so someone reverted to sell it on Ebay.

The starting bid was at $0.99 USD but has quickly climbed to $10 USD following 8 bids by 5 bidders. There are only 9 days left before the auction ends!

beirut ebay

The seller, jad084, is based in Nigeria. Not that shocking, considering there are tens of thousands of Lebanese living there.


Now the best part about this listing is the description:

Beirut is one of the oldest cities in the world.

It is home to one of the most diverse trash in the world.

Our trash includes: Homemade waste, politicians, some voters and any Kind of crap that City has managed to produce in the past decade or so.

It is the birthplace of Solidere, a private company, owned by a former prime minister, owner of a Saudi passport, originally from Sidon and who Claims to be from Beirut.

Solidere has the Monopoly of developing and selling swaths of property in Beirut. It also had the Monopoly in kicking People out of their homes, sometimes bringing down buildings with People still in them and yet remained unprosecuted.

If you can top that in any City in the world, we’ll offer a 20% Discount.

Beirut has been drowning in trash for months and its incumbent municipal council sat and watched as bacteria was growing to the size of their Palms.

The City Comes with a plethora of politicians who have perfected the art of farniente and corruption.

Now, some of Beirut’s People thought it normal to reelect that same group who raped, cheated and stole this former beautiful City because their herders said so.

Yeah, we are so happy to provide you the first modern City, covered in trash and roamed around by sheep.

It’s an exclusive offer that few can pass on.

Bid now for a Chance of a lifetime.

Warning: City will come with a full spread of garbage, both on the streets and in the municipal council.

At least he was being transparent and included that warning! He also listed the Country/Region of Manufacture as Saudi Arabia.

beirut ebay

Now Canadians will be disappointed but for some reason “this item can’t be shipped to Canada.”

beirut ebay

Don’t miss the once in a lifetime opportunity of joining the super elite in owning a piece of Lebanon! You can find the auction here.

*Disclaimer: Don’t actually bid on it because you’ll most likely lose your money.

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