Beirut Bar Association Just Voted In A Pro-Revolution Head!

November 17th has not only marked the one-month anniversary of the Lebanese revolution, but also a great achievement with an independent candidate winning by electoral votes the position of Head of Beirut Bar Association.

The Lawyer and Law Professor at Saint Joseph University Melhem Khalaf won over Nader Gaspard, a candidate backed up by the Lebanese Forces political party, the Future Movement, the Free Patriotic Movement, and the Progressive Socialist Party, with 2341 against 1523 votes.

Khalaf at first, along with Gaspard, was elected as a member of the Beirut Bar Association, and then secured his win with a majority of votes as the Head of the Bar Association in the second round.

After his victory, rumors were spread around, saying that Khalaf was backed by Amal Movement and its leader Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri.

Khalaf was quick to deny these rumors, explaining in a call to Al-Jadeed TV that he did not call Berri to “thank him” for his win as it was said, but the latter was the one who called Khalaf to congratulate him for the win, as a lawyer and part of the Bar Association.

Upon his victory, Khalaf sent out another message proclaiming his win and greeting  “all Democracy lovers that the Bar Association is so full of. We hope that this festival today is one of many to be extended across the nation.”

Khalaf added, “The Bar Association was and will always be the impregnable fortress of freedom and people’s rights and it will always stay the primary stones needed to build a just state that we all are in need of.”

With the victory of Khalaf, the Lebanese Revolution scores another win. The politicians and their parties failed this time to achieve what they have always done to control the key institutions of the country.

And the nation is celebrating today everywhere, at least the majority seeking a better Lebanon.