Child Victim Of Beirut Blast Isaac Oehlers Honored At Sursock Museum


A ceremony was held on Friday at the Sursock Museum in memory of Isaac Oehlers, the youngest victim of the Beirut Blast.

Baby Isaac was only 1 year and 3 months young when the explosion took his innocent life on August 4th, 2020, shattering the hearts of his parents along with the hearts of hundreds of people whose loved ones were also killed by the blast.

Sursock Museum and the Australian embassy in Lebanon arranged the event, and installed a swing in the promenade of the museum, along with a memorial behind it, there where Baby Isaac used to enjoy playing.

Australian Embassy – Beirut, Lebanon

The memorial ceremony was opened by the Australian Ambassador, Rebekah Grindlay, in the presence of families of other victims of the explosion.

Issac’s parents, Sarah Copland and Craig Oehlers, attended the event virtually from Australia along with some other members of their family.

Australian Embassy – Beirut, Lebanon

Like the rest of the victims’ families, Issac’s parents are still seeking justice for their son, while the judiciary system in Lebanon hasn’t made any progress with the investigation.

The explosion happened last year, leaving more than 234 people dead and thousands injured, with no one held responsible to date.

Baby Isaac isn’t the only child victim of the explosion.

Alexandra Naggear was only 3 years young when the blast took her life. Her parents, like Isaac’s, have been taking action and pushing for punishing those responsible.

These two families are faces of resilience in the face of tragedy.

Initiatives like the one done for Baby Isaac are a statement that people haven’t forgotten the victims nor the horrendous crime done unto them, and that justice is still being sought until duly served.