Beirut Blast Protestors And MPs Were Beaten At The Justice Palace

Clashes erupted as protestors and opposition MPs gathered outside the Justice Palace demanding a fair investigation into the Beirut Port blast.

The protestors, mostly made of the families and relatives of the Beirut Port blast victims, along with opposition MPs were assaulted and beaten.

The MPs were meeting with the caretaker minister Henry Khoury in the Justice Palace where they were demanding he acts following the judicial clashes.

The minister’s bodyguards reportedly assaulted the MPs, including Waddah Sadek and Melhem Khalaf, and tried taking their phones away.

MP Adib Abdel Massih said that “We were assaulted and beaten today by the guards of the Minister of Justice”.

The last time protestors escalated outside the Justice Palace, the families of the victims were summoned for questioning and forced to sign that they will not repeat “their actions.”

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