19 Calm Coffee Places In Beirut Where You Can Focus On Getting Work Done

Cafe Younes/Mezyan

The future of the workplace is being questioned as we work remotely during a nationwide pandemic. With that, emerges the benefit of choosing the right place for us to get our work done.

Your roommate might be increasingly listening to loud music, or your family is the type that likes a gathering whenever everyone’s in the house. Well, that sounds like you need a coffee shop with good WiFi.

Your workspace needs a good internet connection, a calm environment, and preferably good coffee and some food. But you won’t need to stress yourself over searching for the perfect place. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 18 calm places in Beirut that’ll put you in the right state to work:

#1 Cafe Younes

The smell of freshly ground coffee beans has been attracting customers into this friendly cafe near the American University of Beirut since 1935, rewarding them with a cozy atmosphere that makes them feel at ease.

Luckily, Cafe Younes has grown from one coffee roaster in Lebanon (1935) to a respected brand with 12 branches in Lebanon and a flagship opening soon in Dubai, UAE.

Cafe Younes has a branch in each of these locations: Hamra, AUBMC, ACC, Sodeco, Ashrafieh, Aley, Beirut Digital District, and Badaro.

#2 Aaliyas Books

Aaliyas Books, the perfect place to indulge in literature and delicious food.

This cafe hosts a bookstore with a well-curated selection and weekly readings, as well as a kitchen that serves up a unique mix of Lebanese, British, and other variety of dishes.

It recently re-opened after it sustained costly damages from the Port explosion.


However, thanks to the donations from the cafe’s loyal customers, the owner was able to fund the reconstruction of this homey gem located in Gemmazye.

#3 Caffeine 1922

Established in 2017, Caffeine 1922 is a humble coffee shop that offers a cozy space for anyone looking for a place to work.

Located in the heart of Mar Elias, Caffeine 1922 is known for its ultimate fresh coffee that is hand-selected from the finest growers in the world.

This coffee shop will definitely help you meet your work deadlines.

#4 Sole Insight

Sole Insight, a philosophical-artistic cafe, entices interesting individuals from all around the world to pay it a visit.

Located in the middle of Vendome stairs in Mar Mikhael, Sole Insight offers coffee, herbal teas, and fresh juices, as well as products like jams, molasses, labneh, pickles, and other true Lebanese delights.

Besides the kitchen that prepares daily dishes with a vegetarian twist on Lebanese home cuisine, the place offers a small library on philosophy and art that will surely provoke and stimulate knowledge and reflection in your daily life.

#5 Liquor Coffee Store

The Liquor Coffee store is an eco-friendly store that serves as one of the best coffee spots during the day and a cozy bar by night.

They used to live up to their slogan, “We Never Close”, opening its doors for customers 24/7. However, due to lockdown measures, the store now only opens till 3 a.m.

With its modern interior, youthful ambience, lovely staff that always have a smile plastered on their faces and pet-friendly policies, it is a perfect place to get ahead on your studies, or finish some work using their free Wi-Fi.

#6 Bhive

Coffee store, co-working space, book shop, and an outdoor open space, B Hive ticks all the elements for being a suitable place that’ll ensure you’ll have a successful work day.

Located in the popular district of Hamra, you can put your productivity to the test as you enjoy a delightful cup of coffee and some munchies on the side.

#7 Riwaq Beirut

The corner location of this hip cafe in Mar Mikhael is ideally situated for individuals looking to bring their laptops or books with them in a space to focus and work.

The store also hosted its first chess tournament after the latest lockdown ended, giving away a free dinner for two as an award for the top two players.

#8 Cantina Sociale

Located only a few meters away from Sassine square, Cantina Sociale is a self-service café that’s all about making you feel at home.

The chill atmosphere is especially prominent in winter time, which will enhance the outcome of your morning meetings for work.

Grab an iced Americano on the patio, and immerse yourself in work knowing you’re in the right place.

#9 Onomatopoeia The Music Hub

Offering a meeting point for musicians and music enthusiasts with private rooms for jam sessions, The Music Hub is also a café that welcomes everyone, providing a relaxing and vibrant ambience during the day that’ll help you focus on your tasks.

You can find this hidden gem in Ashrafieh!

#10 Sip

Another must-visit coffee shop in the famous pink building of Gemmayze!

SIP opened its first branch in Gemmayzeh in October 2017. In only one year, it expanded to three branches in Lebanon after receiving so much love for serving the best quality specialty coffee in a positive environment that is welcoming for people from all backgrounds and interests.

#11 Kalei

Kalei started as a roasting business in 2015 when the founder and head roaster Dalia Jaffal was roasting coffee beans in a small Gene convection roaster to be sold in bags online.

One day, she got an order from the Arab Gulf for 50 bags of coffee. She was roasting non-stop for 12 hours a day and soon realized she needed a proper-sized roaster.

She began contemplating opening a coffee shop in Beirut, where she would produce better coffee for Lebanese people. Her dream is realized in Kalei, which derives its name from the three-step Ethiopian coffee ceremony (awel, kalei, baraka).

Housed in a beautiful historic building with a shaded patio and a bonus roof terrace, it is located in a secluded alleyway of the Mar Mikhael/Rmeil district (Rue 54). It is the perfect place to experience a relaxing and productive environment.

#12 New Yorker Cup

A flavorsome coffee shop in Badaro and also in Jbeil (Byblos), The New Yorker Cup is a spacious, lively, and bright cafe where you can get together with your friends for a study date or to spend some quality time on your own while enjoying New Yorker Cup’s delicious quick bites.

#13 Luna’s Kitchen

Luna’s Kitchen is one of Beirut’s few 100% vegan cafes.

Besides the delicious and healthy vegan meals you’ll find, Luna’s offers a colorful and vibrant space for students to immerse themselves in their academic studies, as well as for remote workers to finish up on their deadlines.

Located in Hamra, this vegan cafe will ingulf you in its friendly atmosphere and unlimited supply of Wifi.

#14 Mezyan

Located in the district of Hamra, Mezyan has no sign on the street. You need to enter the Rasamany Building doorway and then walk to the end of the hall to find this magical cafe.

Serving small plates of Lebanese, Syrian, and Armenian mezze, Mezyan is the perfect restaurant to catch up on work during the day while enjoying middle eastern delicacies.

#15 Nestle Toll House

Nestle Toll House offers an incomparable dessert experience, utilizing some of the finest Nestle ingredients.

Bring with you a laptop or a book, and enjoy the aroma of sweet desserts and finely brewed coffee as you delve into your work.

Nestle Toll House has two branches, one in Raouche and the other in Ashrafieh.

#16 The High Llama

The High Llama coffee shop opened in Beirut in February 2019, and ever since then it has worked it’s way into becoming every worker’s go-to spot.

Besides the unique llama-themed style, this Achrafieh spot produces only the highest quality coffee, while the skilled baristas will guide you through the process of selecting your favorite new drink.

#17 Social House Beirut

Located in Badaro, the Social House Beirut does not only host live music, stand up comedians, and talks with renowned individuals, but they also provide a spacious study area to cater for your hectic schedule.

The social house also prides itself for being a safe space for gender expression, and identity. So, expect to feel at complete ease when you’re busy roaming through your to-do list.

#18 Em-Nazih

Hidden away in a true urban fashion, Em-Nazih’s branch in Hamra managed to survive Beirut’s port explosion, unlike the branch in Gemmazye that was completely shattered to the ground.

Luckily, the Hamra branch still serves authentic Lebanese cuisine on, as well as providing a spacious space to conduct work meetings or study groups.

It’s advisable to pay Em-Nazih a visit during the day, as during night time the sound of old local music will overtake the work atmosphere.

#19 Dunkin’ Donuts

We often tend to overlook Dunkin Donuts for being only good for its appetizing one-of-a-kind donuts. However, Dunkin’ Donuts offers multiple branches that are well equipped to handle overwhelmed students during finals periods, as well as remote workers getting closer to their deadlines.

For more than a decade, Dunkin’ Donut’s rich coffee flavor and cool refreshments and beverages are still irresistible, and will surely cheer you up while you get some work done in DD’s spacious branches.


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