Beirut Cat Cafe Is Shutting Down

Every animal lover’s heart was filled with joy almost 10 months ago when they heard that a cat cafe was opening in Beirut. Beirut Cat Cafe in Mar Mkhayel exceeded all expectations and quickly became the city’s number one getaway.


A quiet, adorable little shop, painted with soothing colors, serving delicious drinks, selling the cutest souvenirs, sheltering the loveliest cats, and hosting the most relaxing movie nights; that was Beirut Cat Cafe until now.

This little piece of heaven, unfortunately, and like many other places in Lebanon, are now closing due to financial difficulties. 

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People have till the end of January to say goodbye to this awesome cafe and their favorite furballs. Those who didn’t get the chance to visit it yet better hurry up before it’s too late!

Even though the Cat Cafe’s time in Lebanon was short, it did make a big change and left a big imprint in the lives of many people and cats. In short, it just meant a lot.

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The cafe has offered a safe and loving place to many cats rescued by BETA Lebanon, and they were all up for adoption.

It has raised awareness of the subject of rescuing and adopting animals and gave many cats the opportunity to find loving and friendly homes.

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In a heartbreaking post on their social media, Beirut Cat Cafe just shared the bad news that the cafe is forced to shut down because of the country’s financial circumstances.

They shared their goodbyes with their customers as well as the cats that they sheltered, entertained, and nourished for almost a year.

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In the post, they also reassured their fans that the cafe is working with BETA to find the cats a safe environment or a loving home.

As for adoption, it is still available until the end of the month. People who are interested in adopting can visit the shop or contact those responsible.

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The post included an invitation to visit and to support the sheltering of the remaining cats:

“During this month, January 2020, we will be offering everyone a chance to visit one last time and say goodbye to Beirut Cat Cafe and its kitties. We highly encourage visitors to donate to our BETA’s Donations Box in order to offer them some help in getting the right care for our 17 cats.”

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Beirut Cat Cafe has also announced a closing sale on all their gift shop items in January for those among you who wish to acquire something for your furry friend at home.

Hope is still there for the cafe to reopen along with the hope that Lebanon regains stability and better living conditions. Beirut Cat Cafe expressed it in its post:

“We strongly stand by everyone fighting for their country’s rights, and sincerely hope for a better future for Lebanon; hopefully, one where we can reopen and restart our cat cafe mission. We hope to see you all this month. Meow.”


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The closing of the Beirut Cat Cafe is a great loss. Its number one purpose was to help and be kind to those innocent souls, and we hope people don’t forget that and that they keep working towards that goal.

Who knows, maybe there’s still hope that we reunite with these adorable kitties once the economic crisis is over.


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