17 Coffeehouses To Start Your Day In Beirut

@goldmonks | @fadsandmilkshakes

Good morning Beirut! It’s time for that coffee run in the morning because now that cafes are allowed to open, you’re taking full advantage of being able to grab your exceptionally brewed cup of joe.

Here are some of Beirut‘s coffeehouses you’ll want to stop by to start your day! Note: this is not a ranking.

#1 Café Younes

Let’s kick off this list with an OG in Beirut‘s coffee culture the decades-old coffee roaster, Café Younes. With multiple branches across Beirut, this coffeehouse is there for you in the morning!

#2 Beyt

In the heart of Mar Mikhael, Beyt is more than just your local café. Every corner, nook, and cranny in Beyt is an unbelievably gorgeous picturesque set-up in a traditional Beirut home. From the various interiors to the lush garden, Beyt will leave you mesmerized with coffee in hand.

#3 Kalei Coffee Co.

Starting as a humble roasting business in 2015, Kalei cafe came to life out of necessity when the founder and head roaster Dalia Jaffar realized she needed a proper-sized roaster. Today, it’s one of Beirut‘s most beloved coffeehouses and hang-out spots.

#4 Sip

In the heart of Gemmayze, you can wake up to this trendy pink café for specialty coffee to your tummy and soul. Sip found its way to Egypt too!

#5 The High Llama

The High Llama is more than just an average café in Ashrafieh. It offers an elevated café experience to steal you away from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of life. A quick coffee run here won’t cut it. Take a seat and experience the magic whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

#6 Al Falamanki

If you want that iconic view of the Raouche Rocks, Al Falamanki Raouche is the place to go. Enjoy coffee and/or a meal and enjoy the spectacular sight.

#7 The Backburner

This laid-back café offers freshly-roasted artisanal coffee and serves breakfast, lunch, and sweet treats in the middle of Beirut‘s beautiful and upscale Saifi Village.

#8 Gold Monks

This small and cozy Mar Mikhael café is all about boosting your vibes and energy. Its self-described mission is to “infuse people with a sense of well-being and the contentment of being present in the moment.” We dig that!

#9 Kaldi

Kaldi is the street-side coffee bar of your dreams. A few barstools and a tiny interior, Kaldi is the ideal spot for when you’re on the run in the Hamra area.

#10 Caffeine Beirut

There’s no messing around for this roaster when it comes to quality; Caffeine Beirut is serious about coffee (and its highly-touted cold brew)!

#11 Bayt Em Nazih

Surviving the Beirut blast, unlike its iconic Gemmayze branch, Em-Nazih’s Hamra spot continues to welcome people with the warmest vibes for breakfast, lunch, and diner – and coffee is always on the menu.

#12 Bn Coffee Bar

Specialty coffee is this coffee bar’s expertise. Located in Badaro and Gemmayze, Bn is bringing the world’s best coffee origins to Beirut.

#13 New Yorker Cup

The New Yorker Coffee Cup makes the choice simple: good coffee + yummy treats. It’s located in Badaro, and also in Jal El Dib, and Byblos.

#14 Urbanista

As its slogan suggests, “food, coffee, & people” is everything good about Urbanista. It’s your safe choice for coffee and good eats that you and your friends will come to adore.

#15 Aaliya’s Books

Booklovers, this one is for you! What better than a place that values books, coffee, and wine? Aaliya’s Books is a literal bookshop infused with a café/bar that will allow you to slow down time and indulge in fine literature.

#16 Dar Bistro & Books

Dar Bistro is another precious place that combines the love of coffee and reading. Pick up your beloved book and sip on your favorite caffeine kick.

#17 Cantina Sociale

One of the top self-service cafes-bars in the heart of Ashrafieh offering yummy food and drinks.