Beirut’s Dar Bistro & Books Officially Reopens Under A New Name


Last year, Dar Bistro & Books announced the saddening decision to close devastating many of its loyal customers and visitors.

Heartbroken, the Hamra-based eatery wrote on social media that because of economic and health uncertainties it had no choice but to close.

But now it’s back!

What used to be known as Dar Bistro & Books is now called Dar el-Wardieh. “It’s the same concept, the only change was one of the business partners,” a supervisor told The961 over the phone.

He explained that Dar reopened with its new name at the beginning of the year, but due to coronavirus and lockdowns, it only officially reopened a month ago.

Lovers of Dar Bistro, don’t fret, for the place still looks the same with the same atmosphere and spirit. It will still welcome you for work meetings, be your remote work office, your favorite place for lunch breaks, your calm and chill hideout, and more.

The only notable change is that the name s now “Dar el-Wardieh” which is in reference to the Wardieh area in Hamra where Dar is located.

Editor’s Note: Due to what seems to be an internal issue among management, conflicting information was provided to The961. There seems to be a split among the founders with one opening another spot with a similar name.

After initially calling the number on Dar Bistro’s Instagram profile to inquire about their opening, we were not told it was a separate entity. When asked whether there was a change in management, we were explicitly told no. We were told only one partner changed along with the name of the place. In conclusion, Dar Bistro & Books and Dar el-Wardieh are separate entities. Dar Bistro remains closed but a former founder opened Dar el-Wardieh

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