5 Delicious Breakfast Places You Should Try In Beirut, Lebanon

El Sousi | Al Mouajjanati

If you’re waking up early and you are heading to the Beirut, wondering what you should have for breakfast, we got you covered!

And if you are a visitor to our capital and are looking for hidden gems only locals know about for delicious breakfasts, we also got you covered!

We put together a selection of unique places, hidden gems really, that serve mouthwatering breakfasts.

#1 Kaak Kaak

Kaak Kaak | Zomato

If you’re looking for a delicious on the go breakfast, you can grab some Kaak from “Kaak Kaak” in Cornish Al Mazraa.

This place serves freshly baked Kaak with many tasty fillings of a variety of cheese, such as Kashkawan, Halloum, Ekkewe, as well as Keshek and… chocolate!

Kaak Kaak Zomato

And for you oat lovers, you can order some Kaak made with oat dough.

Al Mouajjanati

If you are looking for a creative and freshly baked breakfast, “Al Mouajjanati” is your place!

It is located in Hamra street and you can find a diversity of mouajjanat like pizza, labneh, zaatar, an even batata (potatoes) and kousa (zucchini)!

This is in addition to their famous “Shakhtoura” as well as their tasty desserts. All of these yummies are decorated and served in a creative way.

Safsouf Pastries 

For a sweet breakfast visit Safsouf in Tarik el Jdideh, a hundred meters from Beirut Arab University. It has one of the best Knefeh in Lebanon.

In addition to the Knefeh, Safsouf serves other delicious Lebanese sweets and it is best known for its maamoul bi kashta.

El Sousi

This delicious place in Mar Elias was recommended by CNN as one of the best breakfast places in the world!

Al Sousi restaurant opened in 1890 and serves authentic Lebanese breakfasts, such as foul, fatteh, hummus, eggs, Awarma, and many more unique plates.

Croissant Al Cheikh

A Lebanese style bakery that bakes oversized croissants with unique fillings such as oreo, pizza, or cheese and olive.

You can find Croissant Al Cheikh in many locations around Beirut, like Mar Elias, Hamra, and Tariq Al Jdidi.

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