Thieves Are Targeting And Robbing Elderly People In Beirut

Waynieh El-Dawle

The Lebanese youtube channel “Waynieh El-Dawle” (Where’s The State) reported that they received three calls, reporting a couple in a BMW car cruising between Jounieh and Furn El Chebbak, preying on the elderly in a very cunning way.

In the details, a man and a veiled woman stop their car in front of an elderly on foot on the road and the woman asks him for a favor, which is to help them fulfill a religious promise they have made to donate a modest sum of money to a church.

As recounted by the elderly’s daughter in the below video, her father is more than happy to help with the alleged charity, and deliver the money to the church.

The thieves, however, put a strange condition, which is that he removes all gold he’s wearing, wraps them in a tissue, and puts them in his pocket so they give him the pledged money.

The driver steps out of the car, pretending to want to help the elderly, and by the time the thieves take off, the vulnerable elderly finds himself without his gold and his own money, which, according to his daughter, was significant.

Here’s the video showing the dupery and theft as they take place:

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