Beirut Enters The Guinness Book By Raising 26852 Lebanese Flags in One Day

Our beloved city Beirut broke the Guinness World Record by raising the most national flags ever displayed in one city in 24 hours, breaking as such the Waterloo‘s record in New York since 2000.

On the 44th anniversary of the Lebanese war, the Lebanese youth took upon themselves to make this memory a message of peace and unity from the heart of our capital Beirut.

They launched an event for the citizens to rise 26,852 small Lebanese flags to break the Guinness World Record and hence give full power to the message. 

The event was organized by Beirut Alive Association and titled “Beirut Peace of Heart”.

It was launched at the Nejmeh Square in downtown Beirut under the patronage of Prime Minister Saad Hariri who was represented by MP Rola Tabsh Jaroudi. 

The historic event began at 9 AM on Saturday morning and ended at 1:30 AM on Sunday.

It was held in the presence of Economic and Social Council Member Mohammed Al-Jouzou and the Guinness World Records Monitoring Supervisor Ahmed Jabr, as well as independent witnesses from “Al-Ittihad Law firms” and, of course, a large crowd of enthusiastic citizens.

Upon the blasting of the Lebanese National Anthem, at around 1:00 AM on Sunday, the organizers and tens of thousands of volunteers raised high their flags unanimously, breaking at first the Waterloo 25,599 record number. 

By 4 PM, our Lebanon-loving youth at the Nejm Square hit a total of 26,852 raised Lebanese flags, surpassing the 25,898 American flags that had been raised nearly two decades ago in Waterloo, New York. But, it didn’t stop at that.

Our people wanted to do even more than raising 26,852 small flags. In a powerful gesture expressing their love to their country, they unfurled and extended an enormous Lebanese flag along the plaza.

From her side, MP Tabsh congratulated the Beirut Alive Association for the initiative they have taken. According to the state-run National News Agency,  she proclaimed at the square, “This flag has been raised through the blood of the nation’s sons, the dignity of its Cedars, and the pride and purity of its heart…with its colors recalling an unforgettable history.” 

In recognition of this initiative and its triumph, the President of the Beirut Alive Association, Bakr Halawi,  received at the end of this event an honorary shield from the Guinness Committee.  

Mr. Halawi stressed that the implementation of this activity aims to “emphasize the message of peace from the heart of the capital Beirut.”

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